New updates and improvements to Suisesoft CRM

  1. SuiseCRM SaaS v1.7 is Out

    SuiseCRM SaaS Updates

    In this version of SuiseCRM v1.7, we have a list of New Features and major improvements to existing features.


    New Features

    1. Default widgets.

    2. Latest CodeIgniter Version Upgrade.

    3. Latest Angular Version Upgrade.

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    Fixes and Improvements

    1. Tax removed from the product page.

    2. Footer button visibility fixed.

    3. Scrollbar fix on Panel page in the client area.

    4. Align fields on the Settings page.

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  2. CiuisCRM v1.99 is Here

    CiuisCRM Updates

    We are consistently upgrading the tool with various new features.


    In this version of CiuisCRM v1.99, we have fixed minor bugs and have made major improvements to existing features.

    Bug Fixes & Improvements:

    1. UTF-8 Encoding support for the Arabic language in Proposal.

    2. All URLs changes to lower case.

    3. Staff role update fix.

    4. Fixed staff profile picture change by admin.

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